Celebrating enerjyhub's Birthday – the platform’s transformational achievements in 2020

As the enerjyhub team celebrate the platform’s birthday, we are excited to look back at the platform’s remarkable journey from solution to fully-fledged platform. Against a backdrop of disruption, the platform has evolved from its launch state into a transformational platform which has (and continues to) virtually integrate and enrich complex supply chains. With 2021 on our doorstep, and more new value in store for supply chains, now is the time to take stock of the advancements and achievements of the past year of enerjyhub. When enerjyhub launched, one of its key tenets was the continued delivery of updates and enhancements. True to its word, enerjyhub has fast evolved and expanded to become something more than the base innovation which kick-started its journey. It has become a transformational virtual supply chain management platform.

enerjyhub’s journey from innovation to platform

What exactly is a transformational virtual supply chain management platform? To sum it up with a word: enerjyhub. Designed and developed by Majenta, enerjyhub was originally launched to overcome challenges faced by one automotive client’s supply chain. With the staggering complexity of automotive supply chains, it was difficult for suppliers to: remain informed of changing requirements; to onboard to the latest toolsets quickly enough; to know who to approach to solve onboarding delays and more. enerjyhub was the solution, implemented to streamline these integration processes, and now gives this particular supply chain the visibility it needs to gather pace in a challenging climate. Today, enerjyhub is so much more. Due to its continued growth and advancement, it can now deliver integration, robust communication and waste reduction to automotive OEMs, construction companies, and any organisation seeking to squeeze more efficiency out of complex supply chains. This is what makes enerjyhub transformational.

What are enerjyhub’s transformational achievements from the past year?

enerjyhub has shown significant value to supply chains by keeping all suppliers informed, aligned and on-mission. Within the supply chain for which it was originally conceived, there now hundreds of supplier sites connected to the platform and empowered to meet client requirements as a result. enerjyhub's knowledge base and centralised document storage have made it easier for suppliers to self-manage and meet the project standards and requirements which are never in doubt thanks to the platform. enerjyhub has evolved to offer unprecedented data interrogation with the potential to change how a supply chain works. Digitally connecting every working part within a supply chain to a centralised platform does far more than simply improve communication – it feeds the platform with data from across the entire supply chain. Custom dashboards make it possible to make sense of the data. The exciting part is that with formerly hidden supply chain components connected, the data will create a ‘never-before-seen' picture of the whole supply chain. This will bring the invisible productivity drains of broken processes and systems into the open, and allow intelligent decisions to be taken on problem fixes and future strategies. The platform has reduced waste and saved programme time by intelligently closing efficiency and communication gaps in every facet of connected supply chains. As a direct result of connecting to enerjyhub, the average time taken for suppliers to onboard onto required engineering applications has been reduced from weeks to days. The client has also had thousands of connectivity and toolset access problems solved by the live service desk. enerjyhub has enabled better supply chain collaboration and integration. enerjyhub allows projects to be managed and tracked against supplier deliverables, with real-time communication reducing the waste of non-value-added steps. enerjyhub supports this by ensuring that interaction with suppliers is robust, with targeted communications, accessible and up-to-date contact information, and secure two-way data exchange.

What are some of the key advancements and updates which have enriched the platform since launch?
The 2020 Summer Release

As part of enerjyhub’s commitment to continually evolve the environment with new features, significant enhancements were delivered in a bundle of upgrades. These included:

  • Enhanced performance and navigation – behind the scenes performance doubled the load speed of some elements, while navigation breadcrumb functionality was upgraded with the user in mind.
  • A new look Knowledge Base – additional categories, navigation and search functionality allows suppliers to find best practices, Standards and Test Procedures, or even toolset demonstration videos.
  • Increased authorisation for different user profiles – enerjyhub now has a greater ability to create different levels of access to provide key personnel at supplier organisations with bespoke modules to meet their objectives.

Bespoke questionnaires This enhancement allows the creation of bespoke questionnaires, providing an efficient built-in way to collect information from suppliers. Questionnaires can also be used to direct suppliers to knowledge relevant to them. The My Subscription module enerjyhub evolves to meet the changing needs of complex supply chains. This module was added to help enerjyhub clients who chose a subscription model roll-out of enerjyhub for their suppliers. This new module helps the suppliers keep track of their subscription contract and enerjyhub usage, simplifying admin tasks so that attention can be focussed on something more important: their deliverables to the client. The Manage my Site module This specially added module makes it easier for suppliers to digitally manage their connection to the client. This module can be tailored to collect the data required by a client, for example, an organisation’s supplier admin user can nominate a super-user for each area of their business, who can (in turn) nominate users and assign them roles to fulfil specific requirements. This makes it easier for role information to be kept up to date, for programme onboarding to be streamlined, and for current information to underly a competitive edge. enerjyhub is always evolving. Contact us to find out how it could transform your automotive, construction, or other complex supply chains.[gravityform id="1" title="true" description="true"]

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