Driving Supplier Competence to Reduce Delays and Increase Efficiency

It's no secret that organisations are under more pressure than ever to deliver innovative products, on time while finding ways to cut costs and increase sustainability. Having a competent, capable and confident supplier base is vital to your success. As cliché as it may be, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

How can you encourage and support your suppliers to be competent and confident when delivering your programme requirements?

  • Provide training courses that teach suppliers the core fundamentals of your methods and processes.
  • If required, provide in-depth supplier training tailored to a particular task or project.
  • Share programme updates as well as relevant information, standards and documents with your suppliers.


How can you measure supplier competence before sourcing them for a project?

  • Carry out Supplier Readiness Assessments - These can be tailored for any project, programme or task and can be made mandatory for all relevant suppliers.
  • Keep track of supplier training participation.
  • Design questionnaires for suppliers to complete.


How can enerjyhub support you?

enerjyhub provides a single, secure environment for all of your supply chain management needs, including assessing supplier competence. With features and functionality that can be tailored to your specific requirements, enerjyhub enables:

  • Your suppliers to book onto your training courses.
  • You to create, publish and track supplier assessments and questionnaires.
  • Your suppliers to access all relevant information relating to their programme requirements.




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