Transformation change Part 2


Throughout this blog series we will consider how the automotive sector can realise transformational change with enerjyhub

Today we consider the changing face of the workplace...

A recent survey put industrial and manufacturing sectors at the back end of the shift to organisational digitalisation. While it comes as no surprise that the media and tech industries are up to 84% digitalised across the scope of their working operations, it is nevertheless illuminating to discover that industrial and manufacturing sectors languish at levels of digitalisation around 75% lower. In our last post, we confirmed that the greatest digitalisation gains in any organisation would be realised from the supply chain; this time, it’s time to turn the focus on the work environment given the systemic change that has taken place in the past six months.

Work from Home

enerjyhub is a cloud-based solution. While many manufacturing OEMs and suppliers have traditionally organised design engineering ‘on site’ in company drawing offices, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a radical shift in the need to shift operations to work from home. enerjyhub has enabled design engineers working for OEMs and tier suppliers to continue efficient working seamlessly, regardless of location and able to stay connected to all aspects of their network, including training, software updates, project progress reports and the capacity to raise support enquiries. With some clients developing knowledge libraries containing hundreds of videos tutorials, specification documents or standards and test procedures, the central digital repository means there is continuous access to key resources. And for the OEM, enerjyhub has been a productivity enabler even in the face of a systemic challenge and in some cases, OEMs have actually reported a rise in productivity along the whole design engineering supply chain.

Quick to Deploy

Another significant benefit that enerjyhub brings to the supply chain is the speed of transformation from traditional analogue processes to fully digitalised solutions. As a modular SaaS tool, functional components required by each client can be added to meet specific and tailored requirements. This means that enerjyhub can be explicitly configured to a range of needs instantly without any requirement for technical set-up or capability from the end-user client. And for OEMs, enerjyhub’s simple, intuitive user experience simplifies onboarding and achieves high levels of utilisation, as well as deputising all client administration such as supplier contact information to those best placed to maintain this information - the suppliers themselves.

All Industries

enerjyhub is not just a solution for automotive clients. Any industrial or manufacturing sector that demands the close collaboration between original equipment maker and tier suppliers will benefit from digitalisation of their design engineering supply chain, with enerjyhub being the platform of choice for over 200 construction companies and large land & estate managers, aerospace businesses including aircraft and engine manufacturers and all forms of manufacturing from consumer goods to plant and machinery manufacturers.

Unifying your Approach to the new economy

If your business would benefit from building resilience and efficiency from within to contend with the challenges of the post-COVID shockwaves, enabling your staff to work remotely is one essential step that can be achieved quickly and often with productivity benefits, rather than losses. If you would like to know more about enerjyhub and how it can assist you, please complete the form below.

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