Transformational Change - Part 1

Throughout this blog series we will consider how the automotive sector can realise transformational change with enerjyhub...

Today we consider the real value of digitalisation...

A recent survey put industrial and manufacturing sectors at the back end of the shift to organisational digitisation. While it comes as no surprise that the media and tech industries are up to 84% digitised across the scope of their working operations, it is nevertheless illuminating to discover that industrial and manufacturing sectors languish at levels of digitisation around 75% lower. The same report also identifies that for industrial and manufacturing companies, the greatest gains in efficiency, productivity and bottom-line growth from digitising processes can be realised by digitising one key area of operation: the supply chain.

With half of the manufacturing sector’s supply chain currently operating on a hybrid basis - that is, part analogue (read paper-based) and part-digital - the scope for clawing back substantial inefficiencies is high. And, in an increasingly challenging post-COVID global economy, it is a gain that can be driven to the bottom line without generating additional demand or changing processes. In other words, it is a step-change in performance that can be achieved by companies from within, regardless of the prevailing economic climate.

Now, more than ever, the imperative to adopt intelligent supply chain digitisation can mean the difference between viability and failure. Honed in the high complexity and globally diffuse design engineering supply chains that support the automotive industry, enerjyhub is a cornerstone of a unified approach to engineering that has underpinned the car industry’s meteoric improvement in productivity. Over the past two decades, automotive productivity has grown by over 200%, in part due to a willingness to digitise in order to defend slender operating margins - and its achievements as a sector outweigh progress in other industrial areas. So how does a solution like enerjyhub make a difference?

enerjyhub keeps design engineering ‘on-mission’

enerjyhub is focused on unifying the engineering process so all the tier suppliers of various design engineering services operate in unison with the OEM. The harmonisation of a network of hundreds of suppliers is achieved through a digital hub that connects all aspects of the ecosystem and enables communication, ensures consistency of standards across tools and applications, ensures everyone in the system is compliant with prevailing levels of competency and generates reports to provide visual status updates, audit trails and manages KPI reporting to ensure every part of the supply chain is ‘on mission.’

In the last six months, one of enerjyhub’s larger car manufacturer clients has recorded engineering data transactions with its supplier network of 122TB. Put another way, if that was analogue communication, it would amount to around 11,000 filing cabinets of data being shuffled around the world to different suppliers to sort into actionable information. enerjyhub at a stroke ensures consistency across the supply chain, keeping all contributors large or small, on the same page without leaving anyone behind - and as the adage has it, a car only gets built as fast as its slowest supplier.

More to come

In the second post next week, we consider how enerjyhub can enable seamless ‘WFH’ or work from home operations to contend with the new operating environments for business - and how business interruption can be minimised and productivity enhanced.

Unifying your Approach to the new economy

If your business would benefit from building resilience and efficiency from within to contend with the challenges of the post-COVID shockwaves, digitisation of your supply chain will make the single most significant contribution to enhancing your efficiency. If you would like to know more about enerjyhub and how it can assist you, please complete the form below


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