enerjyhub will allow your suppliers to become JLR security certified, certifications and questionnaires hosted and implemented through enerjyhub will reduce security risks for both you and your suppliers while considering GDPR requirements.

These security solutions through enerjyhub protect JLR data and intellectual property. Suppliers will have the ability to provide regular updates to you concerning their unique security policies/procedures.

enerjyhub will host JLR's latest security requirements and information; highlighting any supplier security risk, which will allow any appropriate actions to be taken.


  • Highlight security risk
  • Drive supplier compliance
  • Protect IP

Compliance reports will keep JLR up-to-date with programme progress


Security information will be easily accessible for suppliers and kept up-to-date with JLR requirements


Security information will be easily accessible for suppliers and kept up-to-date with JLR requirements


Throughout the product creation process, via the EnerjyHub, suppliers will provide live feedback on their integration requirements including, security risks, JLR standards adoption, Connectivity and CAD software capabilities, working methods and application access & AME working requirements.

enerjyhub will also use existing information (e.g. application on-boarding and live contact information) to provide an overall view of a supplier's integration capability.

Each supplier has a score and clear actions that allow them to resolve basic and advanced integration issues and improve their collaboration with JLR.


  • Risk-based supplier assessment
  • Improved supplier quality, time and costs
  • Managed supplier improvement

Suppliers will take part in a ‘Supplier Engineering Integration Capability Assessment


Supplier Collaboration Risk Assessments will be conducted as and when required by JLR


Results and feedback will allow for confident data-driven purchasing decisions for JLR


Throughout the on-boarding process, enerjyhub will allow you to trigger, review and monitor supplier application access requests, save time to initiate supplier on-boarding requirements and easily track supplier progress or any issues live.

enerjyhub ensures your suppliers have access to the right applications at the right time to support programme delivery, removing hidden factories within the business.


  • Supplier readiness
  • Decrease internal burden
  • Remove hidden factories

Suppliers will fully onboard onto JLR programmes, swiftly and easily


Compliance tracking of suppliers to maintain JLR standards


Faster Supplier Collaboration with JLR to eliminate programme delays due to supplier issues


EnerjyHub will allow you to govern the use and transfer of data and information with suppliers, reducing any unnecessary hidden factories and minimising security risks.

Suppliers will be driven to use the MX data exchange tool (Powered by Majenta), allowing a controlled and secure environment to exchange data, working collaboratively and in a digital environment, with a full audit trail of data movement.


  • Governed usage
  • Eliminates data security risk
  • Drive PLM adoption

Secure data exchange tool


Configurable to evolving data exchange requirements e.g. software updates


Both CAD and non-CAD data can be securely exchanged with an audit trail and data control available