In collaboration with Majenta and the Jaguar Land Rover Global Supplier Integration team, Jaguar Land Rover has launched the enerjyhub portal to their engineering suppliers. This is the next step towards Jaguar Land Rover’s continued integration with its global supply chain.

EMBRACE enerjyhub

Jaguar Land Rover engineering suppliers are now required to subscribe to enerjyhub.

enerjyhub is an enhanced tool built to support Jaguar Land Rover’s Product Development digital collaboration strategy for its engineering suppliers.

Subscription to enerjyhub encompasses the Jaguar Land Rover Global Supplier Integration (GSI) service and delivers value-added benefits that will strengthen your relationship with Jaguar Land Rover. 

Macbook using enerjyhub
Macbook using enerjyhub

WHAT IS enerjyhub?

  • An evolving hub where new features continually develop and new applications are added to improve the dynamic working environment between you and Jaguar Land Rover.
  • A hub providing a gateway for communication between you and Jaguar Land Rover; sharing programme updates alongside a clarity of roles and responsibilities.
  • A hub that enables you to take control of your company data and collaborate with Jaguar Land Rover in real-time; leading to improved data quality, time efficiency and reduced costs.
  • A hub that provides a platform enabling you to have a voice within the Jaguar Land Rover environment: The Voice of the Supplier.
  • A digital community hub promoting collaborative working to bridge the connection between you and Jaguar Land Rover, controlling how you are measured against Jaguar Land Rover application requirements aligned to programme delivery.
  • A hub for supplier engineering requirements, connecting you with Jaguar Land Rover and their processes allowing you to work seamlessly on projects, encouraging you to be connected, capable, compliant and competent in the digital engineering landscape.
  • A hub providing an environment that will increase your productivity and knowledge; enabling a consistent approach, supporting best practises and up-to-date ways of working using knowledge based features.
  • A secure hub of activity, driving you to embrace the digital environment for managing user journeys.


  • More communication with Jaguar Land Rover
  • The ability to securely share real-time contact data with Jaguar Land Rover
  • More visibility of your programme requirements from Jaguar Land Rover
  • A greater opportunity for change management control for your organisation within Jaguar Land Rover
  • Limit any time lost throughout processes
  • A centralised platform minimising multiple data requests
  • To support Jaguar Land Rover with their objectives and reduce any chance of inefficiencies throughout processes
  • Heightened data exchange governance around the data you share with Jaguar Land Rover
  • A louder voice into Jaguar Land Rover to raise any issues, frustrations, ideas or recommendations
  • To have more independence around Jaguar Land Rover tools, applications, processes & methods

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enerjyhub consists of 3 key elements, which are essential and characteristic parts of what enerjyhub delivers to you.

User Experience




Jaguar Land Rover enerjyhub is formed of 10 modules, which are standardised units, providing you with the tools to work more dynamically with Jaguar Land Rover in a digital environment.

My Subscription

Manage My Site

Onboarding Management

Booking Training

Manage Cases

Knowledge Base


Software Upgrades


Corporate Pages

The Jaguar Land Rover Onboarding Journey

Onboarding is more than a module. Onboarding is a whole journey,  which encompasses each of the 9 modules. The onboarding journey has been an evolving process for Jaguar Land Rover and their suppliers. Discover how this process has developed and the part enerjyhub plays in the efficiency of the new journey.

WHY enerjyhub?

enerjyhub strengthens your relationship with Jaguar Land Rover while showing significant value to your business, save time with increased efficiency across processes, increase the quality and security of your data, see a value against cost outgoings and overall, increase your competitiveness throughout the supplier landscape, allowing you to work with Jaguar Land Rover in a more collaborative and dynamic way.

OEM Requirement

  • Digital on-boarding to applications & programmes
  • A compliant, connected, competent and capable supplier network

Operational Efficiency

  • Continuous service improvement
  • Clarity of roles
  • Up-to-date Jaguar Land Rover best practices
  • Software updates


  • Secure governed & protected
  • Security questionnaires
  • Secure data data exchange tool

Digital Environment

  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Real-time data
  • Communication platform
  • Collaborative working

Driven by Experts

  • Training knowledge & support
  • GSI service
  • Driving efficiency through a centralised platform
Save time and increase efficiency
Increase quality of data

Increase value against cost outgoings

Increase competitiveness


After an initial onboarding period, subscription to enerjyhub will be essential to continue fully utilising all nine modules. These suppliers will pay an annual fee, per site using enerjyhub. Subscription to enerjyhub is powered by Majenta who are delivering enerjyhub for Jaguar Land Rover. 

Step 1

Fill in the 'Request a Quote' form with your Supplier site information

Step 2

Work with us to choose your subscription plan and subscribe your Supplier sites to enerjyhub

Step 3

Log in to enerjyhub and create your password

Step 4

Add other users to enerjyhub who work on JLR programmes & applications

Step 5

Set up your MX Data Exchange accounts for Software Upgrades

Step 6

Jaguar Land Rover trigger Supplier site programme onboarding requests

Enter your details below to join the new JLR supplier community on enerjyhub

Once you have submitted your details someone will contact you within the next 48 hours to complete your sign up

Digitally connect with Jaguar Land Rover using your enerjyhub subscription

enerjyhub subscription allows full connectivity, communication and exposure to JLR and their vehicle programmes, engineering processes and applications. Visit the link below to understand how enerjyhub subscription connects you to JLR when you are there; click on the pink icons to view a description for each of the subscription features.

Enter your details below to join the new JLR supplier community on enerjyhub

Once you have submitted your details someone will contact you within the next 48 hours to complete your sign up