Achieve Digital Security Compliance for JLR

You will be able to nominate a security champion for each of your sites, who will be given an inclusive Information Security Awareness course, they will be guided to align to JLR security best practices, your security champion must then pass an IT security questionnaire to achieve Digital Security Compliance for JLR.

You will then be able to implement security policies and procedures when working with JLR and that of the automotive industry while protecting your data and intellectual property. The communication functions within enerjyhub also provide you with the ability to update JLR regarding your unique security policies and procedures.

  • Nominate a Security Champion per site
  • IT Security Awareness course attendance
  • IT Security Questionnaire completion
  • If required remedial action plan provided by JLR to enable JLR security compliance
  • Access to security guidelines & best practices
  • Manage and govern your contact data and data transfers
  • Secure digital environment for your data
  • Secure data exchange platform to transfer data to JLR
  • Keep your own security details up-to-date with JLR

Your values

  • Reduce security risks
  • Drive compliance
  • Protect your IP


Latest JLR application and programme updates

enerjyhub allows you access to the latest JLR news, information and strategies, aligning you with JLR's most recent requirements. enerjyhub will provide you with targeted notifications and information ensuring a right-first-time approach.

Keep a live database of your key contacts, allowing JLR to communicate with the right people at your sites for the appropriate enquiries; removing time delays with targeted communication.

  • Catalogue of communication history
  • Voice of the supplier: allowing you to voice how you want to work with JLR
  • Notification feeds
  • Training course availability
  • Case management
  • Onboarding statuses
  • Questionnaire completion
  • A central platform to manage the data for your sites and share contact details with JLR
  • Communicate with enerjyhub help and support
  • Hear about the latest software updates alongside all the information you require for these updates
  • Align with JLR requirements
  • Access to CAD enabling pre requisites
  • Knowledge Base allows access to User Guides, Installation Guides,
  • PreRequisites Guides and FAQ documentation
  • Corporate pages – promote your business throughout the supplier community

Your values

  • Up to date information
  • Communication history
  • Voice of the supplier

User experience

Manage and view live statuses

enerjyhub is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows you to easily navigate around the various modules. A digital environment where you can easily onboard to JLR programmes, remain up-to-date with applications and ensure your competitiveness across the supplier landscape by maintaining your competency with JLR.

With different levels of user, responsibilities from a supplier and Responsive across multiple devices your team can monitor their own support cases, self-solve using the knowledge base, book onto supplier training and exchange data securely with JLR.

  • Access using multiple devices on the go
  • Self-manage onboarding, cases and users
  • Summarize your activity with JLR
  • Be informed of your level of competency with JLR
  • Notifications pushed to your devices
  • Live status updates of application, programme and case management
  • Take control of your relationship with JLR
  • Use training courses and the Knowledge Base to become independent, saving time and preventing inefficiencies caused by JLR processes
  • Ability to nominate your own users
  • Role-specific view to your users
  • Easily ensure site readiness

Your values

  • Drive improvements and independence
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Independence

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