Jaguar Land Rover enerjyhub is formed of 10 modules, which are standardised units, providing you with the tools to work more dynamically with Jaguar Land Rover in a digital environment.

My Subscription

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Software Upgrades


Corporate Pages

“New features continually evolve; enabling you to work dynamically with JLR.”


My Subscription

Keep track of your subscription contract and sites usage

To help keep you focused on your Jaguar Land Rover programme requirements, instead of admin tasks, enerjyhub makes it simple to keep track of your subscription contracts.

The ‘My Subscription’ module allows Supplier Account Managers (SAMs) to have greater visibility and control of their company’s subscription.

  • View your existing contract information
    • Time remaining on your contract
    • Subscribed sites
  • View your subscribed sites and their status
    • See your active and inactive sites
  • Check you contract renewal information
    • Start and end dates
    • Costs
  • Request your own renewal quote
  • Request an amendment to your contract

Your values

  • Contract visibility
  • Site usage
  • Minimal admin management


Digitally manage your own onboarding

JLR will trigger a supplier requirement to onboard to relevant applications per vehicle programme. The suppliers will then self-manage the user nomination and the user onboarding journey. Users can provide live feedback throughout what can be a complex onboarding process, live data will be shared with JLR.

enerjyhub is your gateway to essential Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications allowing for collaborative working within vehicle programmes. Change management will be facilitated within enerjyhub capturing resource reallocation alongside live software updates requirement for JLR programme alignment.

  • Digitally manage your own onboarding to:
    • eAPQP
    • ePSW
    • RMDV2
    • D3M
    • AIM2
    • JLR Excellence training portal
    • Onboard to PLM suites
    • Siemens – Teamcenter/Digibuck
    • Dassault Systèmes
      • CATIA V5/V6
  • Ability to manage user nomination and your onboarding journeys
  • Provides live feedback and loops back into live notifications/ workflows
  • Simplifies complex onboarding processes
  • Automated live data shared back to JLR
  • Change management facilitated and resource reallocations captured
  • Process flags issued live to you
  • Onboard the right people to the right JLR applications at the right time

Your values

  • Real-time data
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Efficient integration


Demonstrate your continual improving performance

Throughout your product creation journey with JLR you will be able to provide live feedback on your integration capabilities via enerjyhub, including security risks, JLR standards adoption, Connectivity & CAD software capabilities, working methods and application access and advanced manufacturing engineering (AME) working requirements.

enerjyhub also provides actions to resolve basic and advanced issues that are aligned to your specific working needs with JLR; allowing you to demonstrate your improved performance.

  • Virtual Integration Supplier Assessment
  • IT Security questionnaire
  • Provide live feedback on your integration capabilities throughout your product creation journey including:
    • Security risks
    • JLR standards adoption
    • Connectivity & CAD software capabilities
    • Working methods
    • Application access
    • Advanced manufacturing engineering (AME) working requirements
  • Resolves issues aligned to your specific working needs
  • Ensures site readiness prior to programme integration

Your values

  • Capability visibility
  • Improved quality, time and cost
  • Data driven self management

Manage my site

Digitally manage your sites and users

enerjyhub allows you to keep all your data up-to-date and accessible to JLR. The supplier admin user will nominate a super-user for each site who will, in turn, nominate users and assign them roles to fulfil specific requirements.

A site’s data will be easily kept up-to-date allowing streamlined onboarding to programmes and will allow JLR to always have your current information, allowing you to remain competitive within the supplier landscape. enerjyhub allows for change management, allowing users to be updated and role changes to be captured in real-time.

  • Keep your sites up-to-date with:
    • Programme onboarding and statuses
    • Application onboarding and statuses
    • User nomination and details
  • Manage your contact library including:
    • Completion of JLR-specific key roles (so that JLR contact the correct person for correct requirement)
  • Ability to change users/ site management
  • Ability to activate and deactivate users
  • Ability to nominate administrators for specific requirements
  • Ability to nominate your own users
  • Ability to assign tasks to the right users and track their progress
  • Provide JLR with vital and sensitive information in a secure, controlled and auditable environment

Your values

  • Remain competitive
  • Real-time data capture
  • Manage your own users


JLR approved data exchange tool

enerjyhub will allow you to receive software and application updates, but you will also be able to request additional accounts for data exchange, allowing you to exchange data securely with JLR and other external parties.

JLR uses the MX data exchange tool (Powered by Majenta). MX provides a controlled and secure environment to exchange data with a full audit trail of data movement.

  • Secure data exchange tool
  • Auditable data chain
  • Govern the transfer and trail of your data sharing
  • Minimise security concerns around your data
  • A controlled and secure environment
  • Work collaboratively in a digital environment
  • Web-based – no installation required
  • No IT prerequisites required

Your values

  • Security
  • Audit trail
  • A governed data environment

Software Upgrades

Stay up-to-date with all software requirements

You will receive notifications of the latest software and application updates required to work with JLR, allowing you to timely plan downloading any updates.

These updates will be sent to you securely, using a governed data exchange tool through enerjyhub. The store facility will allow you to search for the latest updates as well as supporting software options and training courses.

  • Receive updates on all JLR engineering software update requirements
  • Receive the software update as soon as it’s released through the MX tool
  • Browse supporting software and JLR software requirements alongside supporting training courses
  • Visibility to JLR that you are working on the latest software versions
  • Avoid unnecessary disruption with JLR’s ongoing software requirements
  • Manage application upgrades with live feedback on task completion. This ensures that JLR are provided with an accurate view of your upgrade status and clarity that you have done everything required as part of the upgrade process.

Your values

  • Keep up-to-date with software requirements
  • Reduce disruption
  • Enhance your business processes with additional software

Manage Cases

Get help when you need it

enerjyhub allows you to request help when faced with challenges while delivering against JLR requirements. enerjyhub support includes becoming and remaining connected to applications.

Raise a support case 24/7 globally with dedicated experts ready to support you. For complex issues, root cause analysis will be conducted to implement process, tool and method improvements, continually implementing the voice of the supplier.

  • Self-help with the knowledge base material and training courses
  • Become independent and eliminate the time waiting for JLR
  • Solve complex issues, by managing your support cases with our experts
  • Raise your own support cases 24/7
  • Request help with the GSI experts behind enerjyhub
  • Gain support on connecting to and remaining connected to JLR
  • Visibility of all cases for your site
  • Case updates automatically appear on notification feed

Your values

  • Expert knowledge
  • Quicker resolutions
  • Save time with increased value


The Academy

enerjyhub training enables suppliers to deliver efficiently and on time. The centre of learning will allow suppliers to complete the courses that are required for them to work seamlessly with JLR and upskill their workforce for a right-first-time approach.

  • Complete the online JLR Fundamentals course to upskill on the up-to-date working requirements with JLR
  • Complete the JLR IT Security Awareness course to understand how to work with JLR securely, but also implement procedures across your own business
  • Get access to online learning guides through Knowledge Base
  • Gain online competency and ongoing independence
  • Go forward with confidence that you are completing programme delivery efficiently and on-time.

Your values

  • Online competency
  • Upskilled team
  • Save time with the right-first-time approach

Knowledge Base

Document and knowledge library

Knowledge Base is a place for you to gain technical knowledge on your programmes including all supplier notifications, recent news and CAD & Drawing standards, enabling you to deliver efficiently and on time.

Register for JLR supplier events and programme briefings, alongside FAQs and forums to support you with on-boarding and more, acting as a one-stop-shop for JLR specific information. Heighten your industry knowledge and align your business objectives with advice from leading industry experts.

  • Access to online tutorials and FAQs
  • Access to role-based tutorials
  • Access to CAD & Drawing Standards
  • Access user-guides to increase your technical knowledge around JLR programmes
  • Downloadable files available where necessary
  • Receive latest articles notifications
  • A hub of the latest JLR specific information
  • Heighten your industry knowledge and align your business objectives
  • Gain advice from our industry experts including the GSI team
  • Provide feedback on the quality of content: Voice of the Supplier
  • Get the latest news from JLR. Stay abreast of important information relating to JLR engineering and development of vehicle programs.

Your values

  • Independence
  • Upskilling
  • Up-to-date information

Corporate pages

Promote your business

enerjyhub’s Corporate Pages functionality profiles your business to JLR and throughout the supplier network.

You will upload your branding and contact information alongside a statement about your business. Other users throughout enerjyhub can contact your business directly through corporate pages, as can enerjyhub experts and JLR users.

  • Profile your business to JLR and the wider supplier network
  • Manage your branded information page to share your expertise and experience
  • Upload business content including:
    • Logo
    • Feature image
    • Business information
    • Contact details
    • Social media accounts

Your values

  • Voice of the supplier
  • Increase your brand exposure
  • Be competitive in the supplier network
Save time and increase efficiency
Increase quality of data

Increase value against cost outgoings

Increase competitiveness

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