Global Supplier Integration

The Global Supplier Integration (GSI) Team act as a single point of contact for the Jaguar Land Rover business and its supplier community. The team is dedicated to managing the implementation of, and adherence to consistent processes across Jaguar Land Rover and its extended enterprise.


The team's remit includes:

The on-boarding of suppliers into the JLR environment including:

  • The management of this process
  • Solution roll-out
  • Measuring and reporting supplier onboarding compliance and adoption

Supplier communications for:

  • General Information affecting JLR’s extended enterprise
  • Changes or deployment of working methods which affect suppliers
  • Awareness Sessions relating to business working methods
  • Announcing application upgrades which affect JLR
  • System downtime
  • Forthcoming supplier events and conferences

Ensuring supplier adoption and compliance to JLR requirements, including measuring and monitoring supplier competence and capability e.g.

  • JLR PLM Standard
  • GD&T
  • IT security

Management of business as usual issues between suppliers and JLR to eliminate business inefficiencies.

As part of the GSI service, the team arrange Annual JLR Supplier Strategy days. These events are all about what you need from JLR and GSI to successfully work with and deliver to JLR. Keep your eyes peeled on the enerjyhub portal for the next event date.

enerjyhub encompasses the GSI service alongside value-added benefits that will strengthen your relationship with JLR. enerjyhub will save you time and improve the quality of your data ensuring a right-first-time approach when gathering information and onboarding you to applications to support JLR’s vehicle delivery plan. You will also be guided to be competent, compliant, connect and capable when working against JLR requirements, which will eliminate and increase your competitiveness throughout the JLR supplier landscape.

The GSI service is the driving force behind enerjyhub steering the tool to allow you to take control of your relationship with JLR; managing your onboarding, upgrades, training schedule, upskilling, case management and having a voice within JLR.

Being connected - Ensures your correct users are connected to the correct JLR applications

Being capable - Ensures you have the correct tools, methods and processes in place to collaborate with JLR

Being competent - Ensures that you have the correct training and knowledge to work with JLR

Being compliant - Ensures that you are collaborating in a secure manner with JLR

enerjyhub will allow you to

  • Collaborate around JLR’s onboarding requirements
  • Manage information relevant to delivering various tasks and projects set by JLR
  • Aligns you to JLR programme delivery
  • Self-manage your own information, which shared real-time with the JLR
  • Self-serve using the Knowledge Base using documentation and user guides
  • Complete questionnaires to share required information with JLR dynamically e.g. IT security questionnaire.
  • Raise support cases, which will be collected through GSI and dealt with through enerjyhub
  • Update to the latest software requirements  
  • Securely transfer data to JLR and track the data throughout
  • Book your JLR Fundamentals training, IT Security Awareness and IAG Gatekeeper courses 
  • Manage your corporate page which is shared with the wider supplier community

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