Jaguar Land Rover Training now in The enerjyhub Academy

Jaguar Land Rover have now consolidated their training for our Product Engineering Suppliers into enerjyhub. The enerjyhub Academy, launched in April 2021 now hosts 12 insightful courses. These courses are designed to support compliance in JLR systems, applications and processes for suppliers. Access to the majority of courses is inclusive with subscription to enerjyhub.

JLR enerjyhub Fundamentals

As part of enerjyhub subscription all enerjyhub users have access to complete this course. JLR Fundamentals has been specifically tailored to provide suppliers with the guidance and knowledge necessary to better understand the evolving JLR landscape and to further aid collaborative working.

Our Fundamentals training course is completely unique and is designed to give delegates a better understanding of enerjyhub, Covisint and the wider strategy to enable you to work more efficiently and effectively with Jaguar Land Rover.

This training course is highly recommended for Suppliers wanting to work within the JLR engineering environment and is a mandatory requirement for ALL Supplier Integration Managers (SIMs).


This course is designed for anyone who works with AIMs and will teach you how to use the AIM2 application within the current AIM process.

This course includes video lessons and self-study reading which you can complete as you require. After the course there is a short quiz which you must pass with a score 60% or higher to achieve course completion.


The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the Identity Access Governance Catalogue for Suppliers. The material has been created to show the functionality used when requesting access to PLM environments for CAD users. It will help describe the steps needed for both end users together with the gatekeeper who will be required to administer and audit company access moving forward.


This course is for Electrical PD Engineers. It provides information about the general features of the Diagnostic Data Authoring Tool (DDAT). Upon completion of the course, the user will have gained a good understanding of the concepts of DDAT and how to use it effectively to author and manage diagnostic data.


The GSI team advises on many areas relevant to you and your business and will help provide a connectivity strategy that fully meets your access requirements. The material for this course has been created to highlight the most effective way of remotely accessing JLR systems and environments and paying particular attention to alternative connectivity methods to using Pulse Secure.

JLR Supplier Covisint Portal

The purpose of this training is to provide a functional overview of the Covisint portal for Suppliers. The material will attempt to walk users through the different screens and their functionalities while trying to describe the steps that JLR Suppliers will perform when registering and accessing business applications.

Informed Person (IP) – Electrical and Battery Safety for PE & Man

This is a health & safety general awareness training session, backgrounds of attendees is unknown, and grade, rank or title irrelevant. This is a base line training and its customers include people from a director level through to contractors, visitors and includes service partners providers such as cleaning personnel.

WERS Part Releasing Introduction

In this course you will learn what the Worldwide Engineering Release System is and what is it used for.  You will learn what systems support and integrate with WERS, review the process for the change and release of parts and the different codes that make up the production part. 

3DExperience – Releasing for CAD Engineers

The objective of this training course is to explain the steps to be performed by the CAD Designer in terms of CAD Release using 3DExperience.

Engineering Toolset 3DVisualisation Essentials for New Users

The objective of this course is to understand the client-based tools Product Finder and Design Review that are used to view and interrogate parts and assemblies within the context of the whole configured vehicle.

CAD Search and Export in CATIA 3DExperience

This course is for users who need access to the Engineering Toolset in order to find parts and assemblies and export them into a neutral format for use in other tools.

Catia 3DExperience for New Users

This course is for Geometry Authors who are new to CATIA 3DExperience and have not used CATIA V5. It includes the use of Sketcher, Part Design, Surface Design, Assembly Design and all aspects of CAD data management. It Includes working with assemblies and vehicle structures according to current (As Is) JLR methods and practices.

Engineering Toolset CATIA Transition C3PNG V5 to 3DExperience

This course is designed for Geometry Authors who currently use CATIA V5 and/or TeamCenter at Jaguar Land Rover. In this course you will learn to perform the same tasks using CATIA 3DExperience as you have previously done in CATIA V5 and Teamcenter.

3DExperience – Getting Started for CAD Authors

This training course is a pre-requisite for user access to JLR 3DExperience application. The JLR 3DExperience -Getting Started training course is for all 3DExperience users, although all lessons are created from a JLR user view.

3DExperience – Getting Started for VIS Users

This training course is a pre-requisite for user access to JLR 3DExperience application.
The JLR 3DExperience -Getting Started training course is for all 3DExperience users, although all lessons are created from a JLR user view.