JLR Global Supplier Integration Team delivering JLR Supplier Training

The JLR Global Supplier Integration (GSI) Team act as a single point of contact for the Jaguar Land Rover business and its supplier community. The GSI team are responsible for the onboarding of suppliers into the JLR environment alongside supplier communications, ensuring supplier adoption and compliance with JLR requirements and managing issues between suppliers and JLR to eliminate business inefficiencies. All of which is now managed and automated in enerjyhub.

The GSI team alongside JLR have created several training courses that are fundamental to the success of working with JLR, you can access these courses online inclusive with an enerjyhub subscription.

The Academy is our online training platform where you can access courses on-demand and fit them in around your daily schedule. They are a requirement not only to onboard to JLR as a new supplier but also as regular annual updates to ensure up-to-date ways of working with JLR systems, applications and processes.

JLR enerjyhub Fundamentals

As part of enerjyhub subscription all enerjyhub users have access to complete this course. JLR Fundamentals has been specifically tailored to provide suppliers with the guidance and knowledge necessary to better understand the evolving JLR landscape and to further aid collaborative working.

Our Fundamentals training course is completely unique and is designed to give delegates a better understanding of enerjyhub, Covisint and the wider strategy to enable you to work more efficiently and effectively with Jaguar Land Rover.

This training course is highly recommended for Suppliers wanting to work within the JLR engineering environment and is a mandatory requirement for ALL Supplier Integration Managers (SIMs).

JLR Supplier Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is the education of suppliers on security principles and best practice when working with JLR. The course is aligned to JLR corporate IT security policy JLR-STN-116268 and the supplier version of this policy JLR-HTG-152812 - IT Security Web Guide and Information Security Supplier Standard.

It is essential that any user with access to JLR supplier organisation's computers, devices, systems or data has an understanding of security concepts, as any user can potentially create an unintended breach or allow unauthorised access to occur if they don't know how to appropriately protect your business.

It's important that all suppliers are educated in the core security topics when dealing with JLR proprietary data (all categories).

The Security Awareness Training course is currently being re-developed and will be available to access soon.


3DEXPERIENCE – is one of Jaguar Land Rover's choices of Product Lifecycle Management [PLM] software, providing a single repository for the development of product engineering data.
The Engineering Toolset is the next version of the Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE tools which includes the R2017X release of CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, 3DVisualisation and the new web-based 3DDashboard - Engineering Cockpit.

3DEXPERIENCE focuses on improving the users experience. As suppliers and other external parties are key to Jaguar Land Rover’s success it is important that the solution caters for them. Many of the challenges of working remotely which we and our suppliers experience today have been captured and fed into the programme to help define key deliverables.


Covisint is an industry wide business-to-business exchange system configured to provide user access to a system with the ability to perform an interface to the exchange data.

This allows management of authorised users to access data residing in the ‘Portal’ of an OEM. (such as JLR, Ford, Nissan, General Motors, Peugeot etc.)


D3M has replaced existing word, excel based Part II standards and Manufacturing EoL test specifications by standardised machine readable file formats. The D3M software is comprising 3 install apps and 5 web apps.

Install Apps:

•DDAT- Diagnostic Data Authoring tool Generate and Store the ECU Diagnostic Data into CDD (Central Diagnostic Database)
•DSAT - Diagnostic Sequence Authoring tool Generate and Store Specifications and Realisable Sequences
•ADCT - Automated Diagnostic Compliance Tester Upload and Download Test results
Web Apps:
• LIMAS - License management system (Not accessible to suppliers)
• Authorization (Not accessible to suppliers)
• Gateway configuration (Not accessible to suppliers)
• Authoring Data management (Accessible to suppliers)
• Release management (Accessible to suppliers) - The different downstream customer can now pull the authored data which is baselined and release at different maturities.