Subscription to the Jaguar Land Rover enerjyhub Community is essential to ensure that you are working towards Jaguar Land Rover’s Product Development digital collaboration strategy.


It is especially important that through these challenging times, your organisation remains connected to Jaguar Land Rover. 

Jaguar Land Rover is striving to achieve its digital transformation strategy and now more than ever full digital collaboration through the enerjyhub supplier integration service is critical to ensure your continual readiness to deliver against the requirement of vehicle programmes.

After your initial onboarding period, subscription will be required to continue using enerjyhub.


Subscribing to enerjyhub allows you to have greater and instant access to all of the relevant Jaguar Land Rover applications, training and knowledge. This access will help you complete programme delivery efficiently and on-time.

How will the charges work?

  • Subscription is priced per supplier site, per month
  • Subscription is billed annually in one single payment
  • Any additional services will have an extra fee charged
  • A full money-back guarantee for any unused period of time

Each supplier gets

  • An Account Manager User who can manage all sites
  • 1 Corporate page

Each site subscription includes

  • 2 Supplier Integration Managers (admin users)
  • enerjyhub users
  • MX accounts for the distribution of software updates
  • 1 participation in the Fundamentals course
  • 1 participation in the Supplier Security Awareness course
  • 1 participation in the IAG Gatekeeper course
  • Ability to utilise the enerjyhub modules in line with JLR requirements, including:
  • Onboarding
  • Case Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Contact Management and more... 

Multiple Sites?

Whether you have one or over eleven sites, enerjyhub connects you to JLR programmes and applications, supporting your delivery as a company into JLR. Each Supplier will have a Supplier Account Manager (SAM) and each site that is subscribed to enerjyhub will then have a Supplier Integration Manager (SIM) and Supplier users. There are price breakdowns for different numbers of sites as follows:

  • 1 site
  • 2-5 sites
  • 6-10 sites
  • 11+ sites

Please contact the team with your requirements and they will tailor your paid-for subscription package.



After an initial onboarding period, subscription to enerjyhub will be essential to continue fully utilising all nine modules. These suppliers will pay an annual fee, per site using enerjyhub. Subscription to enerjyhub is powered by Majenta who are delivering enerjyhub for Jaguar Land Rover. 

Step 1

Fill in the 'Request a Quote' form with your Supplier site information

Step 2

Work with us to choose your subscription plan and subscribe your Supplier sites to enerjyhub

Step 3

Log in to enerjyhub and create your password

Step 4

Add other users to enerjyhub who work on JLR programmes & applications

Step 5

Set up your MX Data Exchange accounts for Software Upgrades

Step 6

Jaguar Land Rover trigger Supplier site programme onboarding requests

Enter your details below to join the new JLR supplier community on enerjyhub

Once you have submitted your details someone will contact you within the next 48 hours to complete your sign up