Subscription to the Jaguar Land Rover enerjyhub Community is essential to ensure that you are working towards Jaguar Land Rover’s Product Development digital collaboration strategy.


It is especially important that through these challenging times, your organisation remains connected to Jaguar Land Rover. 

Jaguar Land Rover is striving to achieve its digital transformation strategy and now more than ever full digital collaboration through the enerjyhub supplier integration service is critical to ensure your continual readiness to deliver against the requirement of vehicle programmes.

After your initial onboarding period, subscription will be required to continue using enerjyhub.

Digitally connect with Jaguar Land Rover using your enerjyhub subscription

enerjyhub subscription allows full connectivity, communication and exposure to JLR and their vehicle programmes, engineering process and applications. Use the table below to understand how enerjyhub subscription connects you to JLR, click on the pink icons to view a description for each of the subscription features.

Supplier Account Manager (SAM)
Supplier Integration Manager (SIM)
enerjyhub users
Site Contact Management
JLR Application Onboarding
Knowledge Base
Supplier Support
Manage Cases Raise cases only
MX (Secure Data Exchange)
Inclusive Training Courses
Training Booking
Software Upgrades
JLR Standards
Priority Event Attendance
Corporate Page
Supplier Feedback
News Articles
Global Communications
Automated IT Security Questionnaire
Supplier Account Manager (SAM)

The Supplier Account Manager (SAM) enables high-level management of all supplier sites. This includes contract management and the ability to nominate up to two SIMs per site subscribed to enerjyhub.

The SAM can see all users and tasks across multiple subscribed sites, and ultimately, the SAM is the top tier of escalation.

A SAM's responsibilities include updating the corporate page for their organisation, tracking their SIM's progress as well as the progress of any active cases, and ensuring that all training that is included within their enerjyhub subscription is consumed.

Supplier Integration Manager (SIM)

The Supplier Integration Manager (SIM) is responsible for nominating, supporting, and tracking the progress of users at their site.

SIMs are a single point of contact for task completion when nominated users are onboarding to JLR applications. It's the duty of the SIM to ensure that any issues experienced by nominated application users are escalated by raising a support case. The SIM is also responsible for providing JLR with real-time feedback on vital information using a secure web form questionnaires.

enerjyhub Users

Once identified by the SIM, users are expected to self-manage themselves through their JLR requirements and deliverables. Users can update JLR with their application integration status, raise support cases plus much more using the enerjyhub modules.

In addition to the above, by using the enerjyhub modules, users can use Knowledge Base to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information, manage and monitor the progress of their tasks, and update their onboarding status.

Site Contact Management

SIMs utilise Site Contact Management to create new site users and update contact details. This ensures that JLR and the supplier, have a transparent and accurate contact database which is always up-to-date, providing real-time data for JLR and the Global Supplier Integration team.

JLR Application Onboarding

This module provides the SIM with the ability to nominate users for each JLR application e.g. eAPQP, AIM2, PSW, D3M, 3DX, MX, Teamcenter…which feed into JLR vehicle programmes. New suppliers can be onboarded to required applications in readiness to work, and existing suppliers can be onboarded to specific applications for new vehicle programmes. 

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is the centralised location for all essential supplier integration documents and information including standards for Engineering & CAD, as well as online training.

Moving forward, all JLR documents related to design, development and engineering will reside in enerjyhub Knowledge Base. Also, technical, instructional and how-to training aids are easily searchable and available in enerjyhub.

enerjyhub documents cannot be downloaded, this is in order to maintain control and ensure that the latest versions of documents are consumed.

Supplier Support

If Knowledge Base does not provide the answer, then support is available from the JLR Global Supplier Integration team. Support is initiated by raising a case in enerjyhub (see below). Support is provided for all JLR supplier applications, such as eAPQP, AIM2, PSW, D3M, 3DX, MX and Teamcenter. Cases can be raised and tracked within enerjyhub.

Manage Cases

Support cases can be raised and tracked throughout the support process. Ongoing commments and updates can be added to the case and attachments can be uploaded.

MX (Secure Data Exchange)

MX accounts will be provided to subscribers of enerjyhub, but only if the supplier meets a number of requirements, as directed by JLR.

The provision of MX accounts is decided by JLR and governed by the MX Governance process.

MX accounts may also be issued on a temporary basis as an interim solution whilst the required method of data transfer is acquired, or for RFQ purposes.

Inclusive Training Courses

Three training courses are included for every subscribed supplier site. Training is a combination of classroom or virtual training and focusses on essential JLR processes and methods.

Courses include JLR Fundamentals for SIM/SAM, JLR Fundamentals for users and JLR Supplier Security Awareness Training.

During COVID-19 all training will be provided virtually using industry-leading virtual training software. 

Training Booking

You can book and manage training in enerjyhub. Choose from classroom-based or virtual training that has been specifically written for JLR suppliers.

If there are available training credits from your enerjyhub subscription then these will be consumed. If there are no remaining training credits available on your subscription account then you will be contacted by an enerjyhub representative to discuss a training proposal.

Software Upgrades

Suppliers are required to upgrade specific applications in synchronisation with JLR to maintain data flow and reduce downtime.

Distribution of certified software is prioritised for enerjyhub subscribers.

Suppliers can utilise enerjyhub to work through the upgrade process and communicate their progress to JLR in real-time by updating their workflow task statuses. Technical support is prioritised to enerjyhub subscribers.

JLR Standards

enerjyhub is JLR's designated hub for the sharing of Engineering Standards. These standards are available to suppliers through the Knowledge Base module and are kept up-to-date with the latest, certified revisions. Examples include, CAD & Draughting Standards, Materials Standards, Fixings Standards, Lab Test Standards, and other miscellaneous standards.

Priority Event Attendance

JLR supplier events are consistently oversubscribed. enerjyhub subscribers are given priority in attending JLR Engineering supplier events.

Corporate Page

The SAM has the ability to configure a web page within enerjyhub to profile an organisation's capability to JLR and other enerjyhub users from different organisations.


Assessments give suppliers the ability to provide JLR with up-to-date information on important subjects such as IT security, supplier capability, and ecosystems. Such feedback is important and valuable to promote your organisation within JLR and provides you with a voice, helping JLR to make decisions with suppliers in mind.

Supplier Feedback

Cases can be raised to provide JLR with feedback on supplier issues. These can be in the form of recommendations on changes, issues, difficulties faced and common problems. This provides the supplier with a focussed channel to voice any concerns and issues, and provide JLR with valuable feedback with which to base their future decisions.

News Articles

The enerjyhub newsfeed is frequently updated with news and articles relating to Engineering, Design, Development and Quality. By regularly visiting the newsfeed, suppliers can keep up-to-date with requirements and announcements, including planned outages, event details, upgrades and latest vehicle programme launch details.

Global Communications

All supplier information, as well as JLR communications and announcements from the JLR Global Supplier Integration team, are provided by email with a link to the relevant article(s) in enerjyhub.

Automated ITSQ (IT Security Questionnaire)

It is essential for suppliers to keep JLR regularly informed of their IT landscape, certifications, and procedures in order to manage and maintain data security compliance within the JLR/Supply chain ecosystem.

The ITSQ assessment within enerjyhub provides a safe, secure, and effective method of providing JLR with up-to-date and accurate information in order to significantly reduce the IT security risks for both parties.


Subscribing to enerjyhub allows you to have greater and instant access to all of the relevant Jaguar Land Rover applications, training and knowledge. This access will help you complete programme delivery efficiently and on-time.

Multiple sites saving

Whether you have one or over eleven sites, enerjyhub connects you to JLR programmes and applications, supporting your delivery as a company into JLR. Each Supplier will have a Supplier Account Manager (SAM) and each site that is subscribed to enerjyhub will then have a Supplier Integration Manager (SIM) and Supplier users.

There are price breakdowns for different numbers of sites as follows:

  • 1 site
  • 2-5 sites
  • 6-10 sites
  • 11+ sites

Please contact the team with your requirements and they will tailor your subscription package.

How we calculate the price

  • Subscription is priced per supplier site, per month
  • Subscription is billed annually in one single payment
  • Any additional services will have an extra fee charged
  • A full money-back guarantee for any unused period of time

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After an initial onboarding period, subscription to enerjyhub will be essential to continue fully utilising all nine modules. These suppliers will pay an annual fee, per site using enerjyhub. Subscription to enerjyhub is powered by Majenta who are delivering enerjyhub for Jaguar Land Rover. 

Step 1

Fill in the 'Request a Quote' form with your Supplier site information

Step 2

Work with us to choose your subscription plan and subscribe your Supplier sites to enerjyhub

Step 3

Log in to enerjyhub and create your password

Step 4

Add other users to enerjyhub who work on JLR programmes & applications

Step 5

Set up your MX Data Exchange accounts for Software Upgrades

Step 6

Jaguar Land Rover trigger Supplier site programme onboarding requests


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