Supplier Roles

Levels of Access to enerjyhub

It is important when creating your enerjyhub subscriptions, and indeed, when you are using enerjyhub that you have an understanding of the different levels of access and what actually qualifies a Supplier and a Supplier site in the Jaguar Land Rover and enerjyhub world.


  • A legal entity identified as a company that provides products or services to Jaguar Land Rover. Suppliers often consist of multiple supplier sites.


Supplier Site

  • An individual Supplier site which is identified by Jaguar Land Rover with a five-digit Vendor Master Code (VMC).  Supplier sites are associated with the Supplier and parent code.

Supplier Account Manager (SAM)

The commercial contact responsible for maintaining the enerjyhub subscription service as well as identifying the site Supplier Integration Manager SIM(s) and adding them to enerjyhub. This role is also expected to keep your crucial Supplier information up to date within enerjyhub and provide an escalation route when the site SIM and/or Users fail to meet Jaguar Land Rover timings and deliverables.

  • The Supplier Account Manager (SAM) will administer the Supplier account and will be responsible for assigning SIMs to their relevant Supplier sites.
  • They will also need to be responsible for ensuring that all SIMs are maintaining site-specific information.
  • The SAM will also be able to create a corporate page.
  • The SAM will be the top tier of escalation regarding issues and updates relating to their Supplier site(s).


  • Track the progress of SIM tasks.
  • Track the progress of enerjyhub users at their site(s).
  • Nominate SIM(s).
  • Keep SIM information up to date.
  • Find supporting documents in the Knowledge Base.
  • Create a Corporate Page for their company.
  • Track the progress of any cases related to their site.
  • Ensure that all training allowances are consumed.

Supplier Integration Manager (SIM)

The SIM is expected to maintain key site information within enerjyhub and identify and align Users to Jaguar Land Rover vehicle programme and application requirements. The SIM will also provide an escalation route when the site Users fail to meet Jaguar Land Rover timings and deliverables.

  • A SIM will be responsible for nominating, supporting and tracking the progress of Supplier Users at their site.
  • They will be a single point of contact regarding the execution of task completion when those nominated users are onboarding to Jaguar Land Rover applications.
  • It will be the duty of the SIM to ensure that any issues experienced by themselves or the nominated application users throughout the onboarding process are escalated appropriately to the correct level to enable timely action by raising a support case within enerjyhub.
  • The SIM will also be responsible for the successful completion of the JLR Supplier Assessments, providing and updating key contacts at their site, using the knowledge base to access JLR supporting documents and requesting access to the MX portal for themselves or users at their site.


  • Monitor their own and user progress.
  • Nominate a user(s) for each application required at their site e.g. eAPQP, RMDV, AIM2...
  • Complete JLR Supplier Assessments.
  • Manage their site by keeping user contact information up to date.
  • Use the knowledge base to find JLR Support Documents.
  • Create and manage cases for themselves.
  • Create and manage cases for users at their site.
  • Manage the software upgrades required for your Supplier site.
  • Book training for themselves or their site Supplier users.
  • Request MX data exchange for users at their Supplier site.

Should I be the SIM for my Supplier site?

You may find that you have automatically been nominated as a SIM, this could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Your Supplier Account Manager nominated you. You can find out who your SAM is by looking at your enerjyhub profile, once you've logged in. Please note that only subscribed Supplier sites have the SAM profile.
  2. The Global Supplier Integration Team listed you as a SIM based on the previous Self-Help Champion process.

If you are not the correct contact at your Supplier site to be the SIM then log in to enerjyhub and raise a case, the team can then work with you to find the correct contact.

enerjyhub users

Identified by the SIM, users are expected to self-manage themselves through the Jaguar Land Rover requirements and deliverables. Users can maintain and update JLR with their application integration status, raise support cases plus much more delivered through the enerjyhub modules.

  • A user is nominated by their SIM to complete Jaguar Land Rover application requirements.
  • A user will be able to track their progress through the onboarding process and show completed tasks within enerjyhub.
  • Issues can be raised by a user through the Manage my Cases module and users will have full access to the Knowledge Base, which will hold all the supporting documents to assist with the onboarding tasks.


  • Manage the progress of their tasks.
  • Use the Knowledge Base to read and access to download JLR supporting documents.
  • Create a support case.
  • Update onboarding tasks.
  • Upgrade software applications.
  • Request an MX account.
  • Keep up-to-date with requirements and the latest information vis the news feed (including outages, event details, upgrades, latest vehicle programme launches).

WHY enerjyhub?

enerjyhub strengthens your relationship with Jaguar Land Rover while showing significant value to your business, save time with increased efficiency across processes, increase the quality and security of your data, see a value against cost outgoings and overall, increase your competitiveness throughout the supplier landscape, allowing you to work with Jaguar Land Rover in a more collaborative and dynamic way.

OEM Requirement

  • Digital on-boarding to applications & programmes
  • A compliant, connected, competent and capable supplier network

Operational Efficiency

  • Continuous service improvement
  • Clarity of roles
  • Up-to-date Jaguar Land Rover best practices
  • Software updates


  • Secure governed & protected
  • Security questionnaires
  • Secure data data exchange tool

Digital Environment

  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Real-time data
  • Communication platform
  • Collaborative working

Driven by Experts

  • Training knowledge & support
  • GSI service
  • Driving efficiency through a centralised platform
Save time and increase efficiency
Increase quality of data

Increase value against cost outgoings

Increase competitiveness

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