What is enerjyhub?

Can you imagine a digital supplier environment that can improve your relationship with Jaguar Land Rover by significantly increasing your voice, independence and competitiveness?

With increased product complexity being demanded and the engineering environment more disrupted and challenged than ever before, we have developed enerjyhub to provide a sustainable and scalable approach to managing these demands.

enerjyhub is a cloud-based platform that will strengthen your relationship with Jaguar Land Rover while showing significant value to your business.

Macbook using enerjyhub
Macbook using enerjyhub

WHAT IS enerjyhub?

  • An evolving hub where new features continually develop and new applications are added to improve the dynamic working environment between you and Jaguar Land Rover.
  • A hub providing a gateway for communication between you and Jaguar Land Rover; sharing programme updates alongside a clarity of roles and responsibilities.
  • A hub that enables you to take control of your company data and collaborate with Jaguar Land Rover in real-time; leading to improved data quality, time efficiency and reduced costs.
  • A hub that provides a platform enabling you to have a voice within the Jaguar Land Rover environment: The Voice of the Supplier.
  • A digital community hub promoting collaborative working to bridge the connection between you and Jaguar Land Rover, controlling how you are measured against Jaguar Land Rover application requirements aligned to programme delivery.
  • A hub for supplier engineering requirements, connecting you with Jaguar Land Rover and their processes allowing you to work seamlessly on projects, encouraging you to be connected, capable, compliant and competent in the digital engineering landscape.
  • A hub providing an environment that will increase your productivity and knowledge; enabling a consistent approach, supporting best practises and up-to-date ways of working using knowledge based features.
  • A secure hub of activity, driving you to embrace the digital environment for managing user journeys.

A digital community, which promotes collaborative working to bridge the digital connection between you and Jaguar Land Rover

enerjyhub is a paid-for subscription-based service providing value-added benefits to your organisation, enabling you to work more securely, have greater visibility and communication with Jaguar Land Rover allowing you to be competitive in the engineering landscape while seeing an overall return in value, increase in quality and time efficiencies.

Through its key elements, enerjyhub drives ‘The Voice of the Supplier’; providing the platform for you to communicate with key contacts at JLR, allowing quicker and more efficient delivery against programme requirements. Security is at the core of enerjyhub; supporting you to work in a compliant manner with JLR security standards, securely receive application & software updates, and securely transfer data to JLR. And finally, enerjyhub is a user-friendly and intuitive environment allowing you to easily work and connect with JLR, without any installation or training required.

These key elements are delivered through modules, which are areas within enerjyhub that drive you to achieve a connected way of working throughout a complete programme journey with JLR and beyond.


enerjyhub consists of 3 key elements, which are essential and characteristic parts of what enerjyhub delivers to you.

User Experience




enerjyhub delivers benefits and provides value across 9 modules. These modules, and what they deliver can be tailored to meet your digital supply chain requirement, alongside your wider business objectives.

Manage My Site

Onboarding Management

Booking Training

Manage Cases

Knowledge Base


Software Upgrades


Corporate Pages


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enerjyhub provides benefits throughout the entire Jaguar Land Rover supply chain, from Jaguar Land Rover themselves down through all layers of their supply chain, including individual suppliers and their sites, as well as the user. 


  • Collaborate and work seamlessly with JLR.
  • Be the Voice of the Supplier, have your say about how you work with JLR.


  • Understand how your site is working alongside other sites that deliver additional resources into JLR.
  • Meet objectives and deliver against your company requirements.


  • Save time by solving your own issues by using the Knowledge Hub.
  • Manage your support case.
  • Manage your on-boarding process.