Why enerjyhub?

enerjyhub is a welcoming, userfriendly and self-intuitive hub to ensure time saving and quality increases, showing a return on value to your organisation

Jaguar Land Rover rely on its suppliers to research, design, develop and manufacture many vehicle components, modules and subsystems. This development needs to perform and deliver collaboratively with Jaguar Land Rover development engineers and therefore Jaguar Land Rover can only develop new vehicles as quickly as its slowest supplier. Because of this, Jaguar Land Rover has launched enerjyhub, to create an evolving, collaborative hub to support a closer relationship with their suppliers.

With enerjyhub you can build your own, personalised subscription by adding additional items, including training courses, bespoke and on-site training, service packages, MX licences alongside consultancy from our expert team.


  • More communication with Jaguar Land Rover
  • The ability to securely share real-time contact data with Jaguar Land Rover
  • More visibility of your programme requirements from Jaguar Land Rover
  • A greater opportunity for change management control for your organisation within Jaguar Land Rover
  • Limit any time lost throughout processes
  • A centralised platform minimising multiple data requests
  • To support Jaguar Land Rover with their objectives and reduce any chance of inefficiencies throughout processes
  • Heightened data exchange governance around the data you share with Jaguar Land Rover
  • A louder voice into Jaguar Land Rover to raise any issues, frustrations, ideas or recommendations
  • To have more independence around Jaguar Land Rover tools, applications, processes & methods
Save time and increase efficiency
Increase quality of data

Increase value against cost outgoings

Increase competitiveness

WHY enerjyhub?

OEM Requirement

  • Digital on-boarding to applications & programmes
  • A compliant, connected, competent and capable supplier network

Operational Efficiency

  • Continuous service improvement
  • Clarity of roles
  • Up-to-date Jaguar Land Rover best practices
  • Software updates


  • Secure governed & protected
  • Security questionnaires
  • Secure data data exchange tool

Digital Environment

  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Real-time data
  • Communication platform
  • Collaborative working

Driven by Experts

  • Training knowledge & support
  • GSI service
  • Driving efficiency through a centralised platform


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Digitally connect with Jaguar Land Rover using your enerjyhub subscription

enerjyhub subscription allows full connectivity, communication and exposure to JLR and their vehicle programmes, engineering processes and applications. Visit the link below to understand how enerjyhub subscription connects you to JLR when you are there; click on the pink icons to view a description for each of the subscription features.