Majenta enerjyhub

A new enerjyhub environment for Majenta’s Dassault Systèmes customers.

The Majenta enerjyhub community provides a digital environment for customers to get help when they need it; digitally connecting them to Majenta experts

What are the benefits of using enerjyhub?

  • You no longer need to phone and/or email your support requests to the Helpdesk team; they will all be managed by you and the team within the hub.
  • Working in this digital environment gives you full visibility of your support case statuses and will allow the team to communicate with you about the support you require more efficiently. Gaining a history of the cases you raise within the hub will also allow us (and you) the chance to see any requirement for broader support or training. We can also investigate to ensure you are using your software to its full capacity. 
  • You can also use the hub to keep your contact details up to date with Majenta, that way we can ensure we have the correct contacts within your organisation, enabling us to support your wider team. 
  • Over a short space of time, we plan for this hub to contain more valuable content for you within a Knowledge Base feature – so watch this space. 

What do you need to know?

What does this mean for our Dassault Systèmes customers?

We have created an enerjyhub environment for our Dassault Systèmes customers. This environment is your direct access to  Majenta’s Helpdesk and we are hoping that this will not only allow for quicker and easier resolution of your support requests (cases) but also provide you with some added value along the way. 

What can users do in Majenta enerjyhub?

enerjyhub is intuitive and straightforward; within this digital environment, you can raise a new support case, manage your existing cases, and view a history of your previous cases. You can also use the Majenta data exchange tool (MX) to transfer any relevant supporting material to your case. 

How can Dassault Systèmes customers get access?

You will be sent an enerjyhub login from Majenta. Follow the steps in the email to create your password, and you will then have access to the Majenta enerjyhub. 

Getting Started

Once you have received your enerjyhub email containing your login details, then you are good to go. In the meantime, you can watch a video which takes you on a tour of the new Majenta enerjyhub.


enerjyhub Modules will continually develop and evolve to enable Dassault Systèmes customers to work more dynamically with Majenta.


Raise a Case

Get help when you need it

Within the Raise a Case module you will be able to raise support requests, which become “cases”. Previously your requests were created within our enerjyhub environment but managed internally by the Helpdesk team. Now, you have access to enerjyhub to raise, monitor and revisit past cases.

Your values

  • Raise a support case 24/7
  • Dedicated experts will solve your case with you
  • Monitor the stages of your cases
  • Add additional comments or supporting documents to open cases
  • Visibility of all your past cases

My Profile

Keep your company details up to date

The My Profile Module allows you to keep all your data up to date to ensure that the Helpdesk team have access to your current contact information alongside that of any required team members.

Your values

  • Update user information and enter role changes
  • Captures change management
  • Work collaboratively with the Helpdesk and your team


Secure data exchange tool

There are two MX functionalities within the Majenta enerjyhub, one allows you to access the data exchange platform itself and the other allows you to request an MX account if you do not already have one.

MX allows you to securely exchange design data with the Helpdesk team to assist with your case.

Your values

  • Secure data exchange tool
  • Handles large design files
  • Auditable data trail
  • A controlled and secure environment
  • Web-based – no installation or IT prerequisites required

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