JLR enerjyhub Summer 2020 Release

As one of enerjyhub’s fundamental principles, we promised to you, Jaguar Land Rover engineering suppliers, that we will continually evolve the environment with new features. We also know how important it is that enerjyhub becomes part of your daily workflow, so we are committed to continually advancing the user experience to make the environment as simple and easy to use as we possibly can.

That is why we have created an exciting bundle of updates ready for the second half of 2020, to continue helping you remain better connected to Jaguar Land Rover.

Our enerjyhub Summer 2020 release is designed to optimise your enerjyhub experience and ultimately streamline your engineering processes with Jaguar Land Rover.


Here are some of the features that we have been creating and enhancing, all to create a more efficient supplier experience.

Navigate with ease…
We have optimised the performance elements behind the enerjyhub platform, which means that load speeds and actions within enerjyhub are now at least twice as fast.
We have created a new level of navigation, so throughout your journey in enerjyhub, you can simply click on the title of the page you were previously on. This “breadcrumb” functionality makes actions such as browsing the Knowledge Base more efficient.

A new look Knowledge Base…
Knowledge Base has been adapted to make it easier than ever for you to find all the information you need. With additional categories, navigation and global search facility, you can browse through event material, best practices, Standards and Test Procedures or even watch 3DEXPERIENCE video demonstrations live in enerjyhub.

Increased SIMs/SAMs authorisation…
The Manage my Site module in enerjyhub is one of the most vital modules for each Supplier site to maintain. This module ensures that Jaguar Land Rover is always using and communicating with the correct and up-to-date supplier contacts and their data. To ensure that this contact data is real-time, SIMs and SAMs are now able to update their enerjyhub users’ information.

Digibuck Request form…
With remote working and dispersed teams, now more than ever, you may have a requirement for Digibuck access. View and analyse large assemblies to assist Design in Context. You and your teams can select your relevant data for legacy vehicle programmes and load into your viewing software, which can assist in your design process. This is especially powerful when working in a virtual team environment.
You can now submit a questionnaire within enerjyhub to request access to Digibuck.


Coming Later this month…
On its way is the MLA-Low Programme Readiness Assessment, allowing suppliers to prepare for the MLA-Low platform development, all within enerjyhub.

Please note that these release updates will only be available for subscribed suppliers.
If you need to follow-up your subscription requirements, please click on below.



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